Thursday, February 05, 2009

Sand Creek Massacre Film Underscored

“Dance With Life Magazine Underscores Sand Creek Massacre Film”

February 5, 2009 - Centennial, CO - "Dance With Life Magazine", an e-zine that highlights people who have joined the dance with life, highlighted the Sand Creek Massacre and award-winning writer/filmmaker/consultant, Donald L. Vasicek's award-winning documentary short, "The Sand Creek Massacre". Tomaca Govan, publisher, says, "It is with great sadness that we post this video. The Sand Creek Massacre was just one incident from the centuries-long genocide of the native peoples in America. And, it continues to this day. We commend Don Vasicek for his work in accurately documenting this historical event and for his work to bring attention to the atrocities that have and continue to face this entire race of people in America."

Vasicek says, "Ms. Govan and "Dance With Life Magazine" have joined our journey to inform, to educate, and to create awareness for America's indigenous people. It is with deep gratitude that I thank them."

Govan, singer, songwriter, entertainer and host to several Internet e-zines including "Dance With Life Magazine", with a production company and music label, says, "We highlight people who have joined the dance with life. They are living and growing. They respect and appreciate the impact their lives have on others. And, there's somewhat of an understanding of their purpose. We are all vehicles and conduits for something greater than ourselves."

Vasicek added, "There are those who have confronted me about 'dragging down' the Cheyenne and Arapaho people by focusing on what happened to them at Sand Creek. The profundity of perceiving ourselves as vehicles, conduits, or as I say, channels, to help each other out, helps strengthen the link all of us have to each other, a collective consciousness that powers our world. Sit and interview Cheyenne and Arapaho people, go with them to their activities. You will discover that giving them a channel with which to tell their stories is giving them an outlet for the heartbreak they continue to experience over what happened to their ancestors at Sand Creek. After one on camera interview, I gave a Cheyenne man a bag of tobacco and a serape, something the Chief told me I should do, as an expression of gratitude. The man was over six feet tall. He word a white Stetson. He had a booming voice. He folded the serape and placed it on the floor in front of my feet. He sat the tobacco on the serape. He got down on his knees facing me. He began bowing and singing in Cheyenne. The fine point of this is that he was grateful for the opportunity to relieve himself of his grief by giving us his truth. How do you feel if you are able to tell someone about your grief? This, to me, is helping Cheyenne and Arapaho move forward because it is giving them an opportunity to tell their truth about genocide, a first hand account of genocide, something that they have held back for nearly 145 years. If that's dragging them down, then so be it. I see the light in each Cheyenne and Arapaho person I have interviewed. That is solace enough for me."

"Dance With Life" Magazine is at, Ms. Govan at


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