Monday, June 25, 2007


We are pleased to announce the Big Bang Film Festival, a celebration of exciting and inventive films in the Action, Adventure, Suspense and Asian Action Cinema genres. We’re also looking for exciting documentaries of sports and athletic events and activities. Extreme sports enthusiasts have contributed some of the most entertaining video of death defying speed, skill and daring. BBFF will showcase amazing films, some classics, some classics in the making. Every submission is featured as a rotating highlight on the front page of the BBFF website and on our 2007 Submissions page so that all of our filmmakers can link to their listing.

We are calling for submissions. Visit our website for more information on the festival, our submission process, special events, and opportunities to join our team!
Big Bang Film Festival
Philadelphia, PA
October 17-21 2007
Action, Adventure, Suspense and Asian Action Cinema.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Update on Filmmaker Alex Ferrari

Hello guys,

It's Alex Ferrari [ Director of B R O K E N - ] and I have a new "twisted" short film that I want to share with you called "Cyn." I think you will get a big kick out of it. Cyn was made on a 6 day schedule [ from script to final output ] for under $1000 and boosts one of the craziest end title sequences ever created for a 5 min short film. Think of throwing an atom bomb on a roach, completely over the top ; )

What the press is saying:

"Cyn is what GRINDHOUSE should've been!!!"
- Entertainment Insiders

"Visually, Cyn is utterly dazzling...I was in awe by the sheer visual luster of the film."
- Cinema Crazed

"Cyn," above all else, is ultra-hip, sexy & dangerous!"
- Guerilladephia Entertainment News

Here is a link to the teaser trailer:

Web Docs:

A quick synopsis: "Cyn is a twisted tale by writer/director Alex Ferrari about Cynthia, a young woman who is taken away by two psychopaths (Mr. Sugar and Otto) in the middle of the night to an old abandoned kindergarden. Cyn quickly turns the tables on them and soon the night becomes a cat and mouse mind game. While this drama is unfolding a lone figure watches from a close circuit monitor. Who is Cynthia and what the hell is going on in this twisted tale?"

Thanks again for you time.
Alex Ferrari
The Enigma Factory

On Camera Intensive

Our Intensive is just that-Intense. This is a practical Nuts & Bolts approach to Crafting your work for the Camera. We liken Tim's Audition class to going to the gym, so consider On Camera like Personal Training. It is more One on One. You also have the opportunity to see Playback and get Feedback on your work, which allows you to be more competent and confident in your Auditions and working On Camera. Our focus begins with Script Interpretation & Character Analysis.Tim will teach you how to introduce yourself to the script through his process of "Sherlock Holmesing" of the text. This includes Crafting of the First Moment, Relationships to Persons, Places, Things & Events, and Using Clich├ęs & Social Dictates.The Camera Already Knows, if you are not clear and specific in your work for the camera, this is what the intended audience sees, general unfocused work.Classes are On Going Wednesday Evenings from 7 pm till 11 pm

60 Second Clip of Tim's On Camera Class

Tim Phillips Brief Bio: Mr. Phillips worked as an actor with Meryl Streep, Robert Duvall, and Klaus Maria Brandauer, and he ignited the careers of Wendy Malick, Nancy Travis, and Richard Schiff, to name a few. He was one of the acting teachers of famed five-time Oscar-winning coach Larry Moss. His 'Sherlock Holmesing' of the text was developed through his 24 years of coaching actors in NYC and grew out of Meisner technique but goes much further. Mr. Phillips has Coached over 25,000 Auditions.Referral & Interview required for all classes.

Tim Phillips Studio
2124 S. Redondo Blvd.
LA, CA 90016
(310) 772-8262