Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Project Direct- Beneath the Surface

It's that time of year again

Dear Friends and Family -

This holiday season, Amie Barsky will again organize the Christmas Party for the Maryvale Orphan's. For the past two years Amie has successfully organized this charitable festivity.
This year the Orphanage has 88 young girls who have no home or loving parent to provide them gifts.

We are asking for sponsors for these unfortunate girls. Each girl lists 3 gifts they would like for Christmas and we hope that with your generosity we can again brighten some hearts this Christmas. To date ONLY 33 Girls have Sponsors that leaves 55 girls without a Sponsor and without any Christmas gifts.

Our goal is to have all 88 girls sponsored by the end of the week. If you or any of your friends, family members or associates would like to sponsor a Maryvale Orphan, please contact me immediately or visit the Maryvale Angels website for details

Anything you can do to help give these girls a Christmas would be greatly appreciated.
Their Christmas party is December 13th, that leaves us 17 days to search out 55 sponsors. We would like to have all gifts received by December 7th. If you would like to Sponsor a girl, but do not have time to purchase and ship your gifts by December 7th you can simply make a cash donation and myself or another organizer will buy the gifts.

Please contact Amie at as soon as possible!

I thank you all in advance for your generosity and immediate support. Happy Holiday to you and your family.

Paul J. Alessi