Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sandeep Mohan's HDV Short Film "Bomber Briefs"

A new short film from India finally breaks the taboo and asks the controversial question: "What role does a persons' sexual confidence play in the creation of a Suicide Bomber?"

"Bomber Briefs", a 38 minute HDV short film tells the story of such a Suicide Bomber who has serious complexes about his lovemaking prowess.

It is written and directed by Sandeep Mohan, a former Assistant to Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

Despite its uncoventional take on Suicide Bombing, this 38 minute HDV short film has been praised by those who have seen it at select previews.

Shot guerilla style in and around the Arambol Beach in Goa, the short film has an interesting take on how to fight the war on terror.

All those who enjoy offbeat shorts will find something to take home, and get excited, after watching this phenomenally low budget, yet exciting short.

If this is what the makers of this film can do for Rs.48,000/-, wonder what they can do if they were backed with more money.

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On Camera Intensive

Our Intensive is just that-Intense. This is a practical Nuts & Bolts approach to Crafting your work for the Camera.

We liken Tim's Audition class to going to the gym, so consider On Camera like Personal Training. It is more One on One. You also have the opportunity to see Playback and get Feedback on your work, which allows you to be more competent and confident in your Auditions and working On Camera. Our focus begins with Script Interpretation & Character Analysis.

Tim will teach you how to introduce yourself to the script through his process of "Sherlock Holmesing" of the text. This includes Crafting of the First Moment, Relationships to Persons, Places, Things & Events, and Using Clich├ęs & Social Dictates.

The Camera Already Knows, if you are not clear and specific in your work for the camera, this is what the intended audience sees, general unfocused work.

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60 Second Clip of Tim's On Camera Class

Tim Phillips Brief Bio: Mr. Phillips worked as an actor with Meryl Streep, Robert Duvall, and Klaus Maria Brandauer, and he ignited the careers of Wendy Malick, Nancy Travis, and Richard Schiff, to name a few. He was one of the acting teachers of famed five-time Oscar-winning coach Larry Moss. His 'Sherlock Holmesing' of the text was developed through his 24 years of coaching actors in NYC and grew out of Meisner technique but goes much further. Mr. Phillips has Coached over 25,000 Auditions Himself.He also currently works Privately with Actors, Screenwriters and Directors to "fine tune" their material & performances from early on in Development to Pre Production to On Set. No one can evoke a more Clear, Specific and Impactful performance from their actors than Tim Phillips.

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