Sunday, November 30, 2008

Film Synergy to Launch Interview Series with “Night Before the Wedding” Cast and Crew

Film Synergy is announcing today that it is launching an exciting new Interview Series with various members from the Cast of Crew of the upcoming indie feature film, Night Before the Wedding. This is part of Film Synergy’s initiative to provide top notch content in regards to Independent Filmmaking.

The premise of Night Before the Wedding is one that takes you inside a modern bachelor party. It’s not one of those over the top raunchy comedies. Not to say that the film doesn’t have a wild side.

Here’s the logline: “Before straight-laced William Shay weds his soul mate, he must get through one last wild night with his best buddies…but the party quickly turns serious when he finds himself alone with a real life porn star.”

From L-R - Actors Gregor Collins, John Keating, James Anthony McQuillan, Chad Davis, Frantz Durand, Zane Patterson, and Kevin Deen (on table) prepare for a scene in Night Before the Wedding.

The film was shot primarily in one location, a two-story house in North Hills, CA. It is an ensemble piece that features 17 actors and actresses, including a platinum selling rapper and an adult film star. The film is now in Post-Production and is expected to reach public audiences in 2009.