Thursday, February 16, 2006

Doors Open For Cast of Feature Film "JAM"

Writer/Producer/Director Craig Serling announced today that Jeffrey Dean Morgan, a member of his ensemble cast in his directorial debut, Jam, will appear in upcoming episodes of the hit series “Grey’s Anatomy”. Morgan also plays the role as Mary Louise Parker’s deceased husband on the hit Showtime series “Weeds” and as John Winchester in the WB’s “Supernatural”. In Jam, Morgan plays a single father attempting to connect with his children and show them that his love remains through distance and change.

Another Jam cast member, Amanda Detmer, will also be appearing in an ABC series set to air in February entitled “What About Brian”. She will also be co-starring in You, Me and Dupree along with Michael Douglas, Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson. In Jam, Detmer plays a young woman on her way to her wedding. As the story unfolds, she is confronted with issues that make her question her relationship with her fiancĂ©e as well as her own ideas about life and love.

Jam takes place in the midst of a standstill traffic jam on a country highway during Father’s Day. Stuck on the road with no end in sight, the ordeal becomes a life-changing experience for this diverse group of travelers. As each of their stories unfold in the unrelenting heat, Jam captures how unchecked needs and desires can lead to friendship and self-realization.

Jam was shot during the fall of 2005. It wrapped September 23 and is currently in the final stages of post-production. Jam features an outstanding ensemble cast that includes two Academy Award nominees, Marianne Jean-Baptiste and Tess Harper, as well as some of independent film’s favorite faces, such as Jonathan Silverman, Alex Rocco, and Gina Torres. Jam was also a festival favorite in 2003 when it appeared as a short selection at film festivals all over the world.

Several other cast members also have projects in the works. William Forsythe will be co-starring along with Samuel L. Jackson and Julianne Moore in Joe Roth’s Freedomland, and Dan Byrd will be appearing as John Travlota’s son in the upcoming Lonely Hearts.

For further information regarding Jam, please visit the website at or contact Alison Turner at 323.336.7175.