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Short Film Fest Takes place August 10-12 in Hollywood, CA
13 Films in Competition for Best Student Short Film Award

July 2, 2007 Hollywood, CA—The organizers of HollyShorts announced today the official selections for the 3rd annual HollyShorts Film Festival (, which takes place August 10-12, 2007. The opening night Hollywood premiere of Adrian Grenier’s (“Entourage”) acclaimed short film “Euthanasia” will take place at Nacional in Hollywood on Friday, August 10. The film festival and panels take place at Cinespace Digital Superclub August 11-12.

“We are thrilled to be back in Hollywood to showcase 60 of the best and brightest short films from around the globe,” said Daniel Sol, HollyShorts Film Festival Director. “This year’s festival will feature an action packed schedule of short film screenings, industry panels, networking events and receptions; it’s an honor to bring the industry and the next generation of great filmmakers together for three days.”

HollyShorts received over 500 submission for this years festival. Along with a strong domestic presence, the 3rd annual HollyShorts Film Festival will feature a slew of shorts from the international community, with films from Australia, Brazil, India, Mexico, Romania, Spain and Singapore.

13 selections are in competition for the Best Student Short Film category. HollyShorts has chosen student projects from: The School of Visual Arts in New York, Ringling College of Art and Design in Florida, AFI, NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, Ohio University School of Film, BYU, Columbia University, Temple University, University of North Carolina at Wilmington and Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.

Two additional short films will be added to the lineup from the monthly film contest and three additional short films will receive automatic entries from the HollyShorts Online festival which is currently in progress. Advanced tickets are available now and can be purchased by visiting:

Below is the official slate of short films for the 2007 HollyShorts Film Festival:

The 1,000 Sides of the Moon
Directed by Varda Hardy
This poetic evocation calls us to see the depth of reality in our everyday world.

3 Pes Acima da Terra (3 Feet Above the Ground)
Directed by Andre Doria
Brazil│6:35 │Thriller
A Sexually disturbed behavior of a married woman is captured by a camera 3 feet above the ground.

Directed by Illegal Artists
Mexico│8:32 │Drama
Jorge and Javier Aguilera, are brothers from Mexico City, who have been
co-directing films and television commercials for the past eight years. They are the founders of the directing collective Illegal Artists. 5:55, is the second of two short films they have directed together. Last year, the brothers completed a ten-minute film called “Round 5” which was a festival favorite and the opening short film for the 2nd annual HollyShorts Film Festival. Their first feature film together is a live action adaptation of the Japanese Anime “Kite”, which is set to go into production in Fall 2007.

69 Cents
Directed by Michael Fitzgerald
USA│5:00 │Student: Comedy
When two men having bad days collide in a liquor store, comedy ensues.

Directed by Jack Swanstrom
USA│22:00 │Drama
A twist of fate can be torture.

Alex Scott: A Stand For Hope
Directed by Larry Mendte
USA│23:40 │Documentary
Thousands of children may live cancer free one day because Alex Scott lived. A little girl with a dream and a lemonade stand can do amazing things.

Directed by Cristian Pozo
An underground love story.

Directed by Rob Meyer
USA│17:00│Student: Comedy
For a kid growing up in the suburbs, the truth can lie at the bottom of a fish tank.

Directed by Kirsten Strom
USA│16:16│Student: Drama
On a stormy afternoon, Avis dreams of becoming a blackbird.

Directed by Alex Ferrari
Cyn is a trimmed down version of a longer script writer/director Alex Ferrari created for his upcoming feature film project called “Red Princess Blues.”

Directed by Jackie Liao
For a kid growing up in the suburbs, the truth can lie at the bottom of a fish tank.
Life is just like dandelions. When the wind comes, they leave, but they won't disappear. They are just going to a new place to start a new life...

Directed by Tony West
When a young dart prodigy upstages his daddy days before the big tourney, a conflict is born the likes of which Dartsville ain't ever seen.

Der Ostwind
Directed by Kohl Glass
USA│10:40│Student: Drama
In search of a worthy opponent, a German WWI ace accepts the challenge of a mysterious and seemingly invincible American pilot—only to discover the true price of honor.

Downwinders: The People of Parowan
Directed by Jake White
An intimate look at the effects of nuclear weapons testing. The resulting damage and deaths have become a legacy for many southern Utah towns - including Parowan. The strength and will of the people to restore their community is an inspiring testament of the human spirit.

Euthanasia (Official Opening Film)
Directed by Adrian Grenier
USA│17:00│Dark Comedy
A coming of age dark comedy, which tells the story of Sam and Becky, an unfortunate accident forces them to grow too quickly and make some hard decisions about life and death.

The Drill
Directed by Joel Davenport
USA│14:59│Student: Drama
During a 1950's citywide nuclear drill, three gradeschool boys learn to come to terms with the era in which they live.

The Fifth
Directed by Ryan Levin
Four friends struggle to find a fifth player for their weekly poker game.

The Frank Anderson
Directed by Dave Perkal
Frank Anderson (Richard Riehle) has man-boobs. Insurance agent John Simon (Stephen Root) denies Frank’s reduction while approving Bobbie Lynn (Elena Lyons), enlargements. Dr. Brice (Jane Lynch), explains to John why he should approve the procedure, while strongly admiring his man-boobs. Frank and Bobbie hook up, pushing John to consult with Dr. Seales (Romy Rosemont) into getting a set.

Directed by Kun-I Chang
USA│5:00│Student: Animation
A film which utilizes captivating motion graphic images to tell a sparse yet lush story about a man who sees himself as wall graffiti.

Fortune Hunter
Directed by Thom Harp
When Arthur, a writer at a fortune cookie factory, accidentally sends a love letter to his ex-girlfriend into the printing press, suddenly every cookie at every restaurant reveals a piece of his broken heart.

Freaks of Laughter
Directed by Jim Grollman
Life can be serious business in some of the tougher sections surrounding LosAngeles. Some turn to drugs, others to crime and still others turn to Stand-Up Comedy. FREAKS OF LAUGHTER tells their story and the students who turned their life around. Cerritos Community College is the only Community College in California to offer an accredited class in Stand-up Comedy.

Girl Stars: Anita the Beekeeper
Directed by Vikash Nowlakha
Anita Kumari is a beekeeper in Bihar, India. When Anita was young, her parents did not want her to go to school, but Anita longed so much to go to school that she knew she had to find a way to pay for her education. Anita saw men in her village-keeping bees and decided to give it a try.

He Works in a Suit
Directed by Robert Davies
Two strangers meet on the open road, both harbouring a different objective but unknowingly sharing the same destiny.

Honey I’m Home
Directed by David Branin
USA│5:34│ He cheated, she knows.

I Hate Musicals
Directed by Stewart Schill
A guy who hates musicals, is cursed to sing them.

Joseph Henry
Directed by Phil Allocco
Thoughts are only as real as you think they are.

Kabul Girls Club
Directed by Johnson McKelvy
The brave young women of Kabul struggle to form Afghanistan's first women's soccer league.

The Killer
Directed by David Nelson
The Killer may have finally found a place to rest.

Last Day of December
Directed by Bogdan Apetri
Romania│15:00│Student: Drama
A man returns home to confront his past in this chilling tale.

Live Love Work Play
Directed by Thomas Atanazio
You have the power to change. Do what you believe and you will end up where you belong.

The Maxwell Multiple Climax
Directed by Brandon Maxwell
The Maxwell Multiple Climax is an epic instructional film with a mod retro-style that teaches men how to achieve multiple orgasms.

Morbid Curiosity
Directed by Cindy Baer
What would happen if your deepest, darkest thoughts came true, just by thinking them? In this dark comedy, a woman's videotaped confession reveals a lifelong struggle to control her deadly ability.

The Oates’ Valor
Directed by Timothy Cahill
Fourth chair trombonist, Boyson Oates, bends to his father’s will and quits the marching band to join the high school ROTC squad. After a failed attempt to run away with his neighborhood girlfriend, Boyson rolls the dice at reconciliation with his father.

Once Upon a Christmas Village
Directed by Michael Attardi
timeless tale of love, a leap of faith and transformation, featuring various village characters that embody the archetypes of good and evil battling over what force will control their village and save the magic of Christmas.

The Red Balloon
Directed by Michael Olesen
USA│3:34│Student: Drama
A young boy enlists the help of a balloon seller to send birthday wishes to his Mom - in the only way he knows how. A simple story of loss and longing.

Red Balloon
Directed by Justin Liberman
World Premiere of acclaimed director Justin Liberman’s latest project. Liberman studied under acclaimed filmmaker Michael Mann for two years before making his award-winning directorial debut with “Y Nada Mas,” which opened the first annual HollyShorts Film Festival in 2005. “Y Nada Mas” was selected by Tribeca, swept Best Cinematography at the 2006 Malibu International Film Festival, and was an Official Selection to eight other international film festivals. Heavily influenced by such filmmakers as Francois Truffaut and Terrence Malick, Liberman’s sense of realism and portraiture was felt in his French New Wave cinema-influenced “Pretty Dead Flowers” which was featured at last year’s HollyShorts Film Festival.

Sam and Piccolo
Directed by Adam Walker
Everything is perfect in the isolated world of two friends until one is overcome by blinding greed.

Sarah & Dee
Directed by Karen Dee Carpenter
When you’re a kid they tell you that you can be anything you want. They lied.

Sexy Thing
Directed by Denie Pentecost
Australia│14:00│Student: Drama
On a dry suburban day, a 12 year old is caught between the conflicting worlds of fmaily, friendship and imagination. Struggling to endure a confusing love, and longing simply to be seen, the child survives by transforming pain into beauty.

Small Jeans
Directed by Julian West
'Zoe discovers that before you can save the world, you probably have
to save yourself.'

Directed by John Thompson
A Gothic tale about a trapped housewife who breaks free from her overbearing husband with a very dull meat cleaver.

Stomping Grounds
Directed by Rob Schroeder
the story of a pioneering emcee, the Diabolical Biz Markie, and the places that made him…him. Spanning his childhood and early recording years, Biz takes us on a tour of his Stomping Grounds, showing us his favorite spots and revealing the many geographical influences and personalities that made this artist truly a one of a kind individual.

Stone Savior
Directed by James Martinchek
USA│2:00│Student Animation
Devotion Will Forever Overcome Destruction.

Directed by Jason Roberts
An adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's classic short story 'The Tell-Tale Heart'.

The Sandman
Directed by Rich Ragsdale
This short is a re-telling of E.T.A. Hoffman's tale of 'The Sandman', and how the story inspired Sigmund Freud's theory of 'The Uncanny'. The film was created in the style of early German expressionist cinema.

The Shift
Directed by Chuck Parker
Who does a 9-1-1 Operator call when he has a problem? Jimmy Callahan is having a bad night in the Police Communications Center, his ex-girlfriend is stalking him, his Supervisor is threatening to fire him and the phone won’t stop ringing. Jimmy feels like he is drowning, but finds comfort in the voice of one caller. The Trainee
Directed by Craig Rosenthal

Tomoko’s Kitchen
Directed by Shawna Baca
When an apartment building's security doors malfunction, a group of disparate residents discover how oven-fresh cinnamon rolls can change destinies.

Directed by Leah Meyerhoff
A young girl fears her mother's disability is contagious. Slamdance Grand Jury Prize winner and Student Academy Awards finalist.

Directed by Velvet Andrews Smith
There are thieves among us... and then there are expert thieves. A charismatic criminal is on his way to becoming the most prolific bank robber in history. But a brilliant detective is determined to catch him. It's only a matter of time before the two find themselves face to face - and they finally meet their match.

When I Grow Up
Directed by Michelle Meeker
Juxtaposes the boundless ambition of youthful expectations with the unpredictable, and sometimes tragic realities we end up living. An international team of 12 artists each bring their unique visions to a series of interviews with children and elders.

When We Were Bengs
Directed by Alaric Tay
Two mischevious brothers. One very suave bad gangster. Somebody is going to get a good beating...

Who Makes Movies?
Directed by Christopher Luccy
USA│4:44│Student: Comedy
continuation of the MPAA's campaign against the illegal piracy of movies. In this installment, fluffer Randy Palmer discusses what piracy means to man with Hollywood in the palm of his hand.

Women Against Domestic Violence
Directed by Jennava Laska
USA│1:30 │Student: Educational
A PSA that shows the side of domestic violence that may not be seen to the naked eye.

Directed by Dago Rodriguez
USA│20:01│Student: Comedy
In an off-centered town north of London, In an orb about ten feet above ours, exists Wilbur. Baker extraordinare. Stutterer supreme. Unfortunately, for this thirty-something man, women are not flocking Love is his only escape… will he ever be free? In comes a little green package… in it, “the bean”…not just your ordinary bean, but a mail order bean that grows into something that promises to make Wilbur’s dreams come true…

Y Que Cumplas Muchos Mas
Directed by David Alcalde
Horror in disguise of a social drama, a lot of blood and some birthday cake!

About HollyShorts
HollyShorts, Short Film Festival is an annual short film festival showcasing the best and brightest short films from around the globe. HollyShorts is devoted to the advancement filmmakers through screenings, Q&A sessions and networking events. The HollyShorts, Short Film festival showcases the top short films produced 30-minutes or less. For more information, please visit


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