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POSE DOWN (90 mins, super 16, 2007) premieres at London's Portobello Film Festival August 2007 and features emerging young talent including ADAM NEE (Filmmaker Magazine's "25 to Watch 2006", The Last Romantic), BRIAN SLATEN (The Tourist), CHRIS STACK (Rodger Dodger, The School ofRock), COSMO PFEIL (Descent), KRISTIN DISPALTRO (Transit, Margarita Happy Hour) and RICH SOMMER (Mad Men, The Devil Wears Prada).

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (NEW YORK – NY) POSE DOWN is a dark comedy set in Southwest Florida revolving around three former high school classmates –THE BODYBUILDER, THE GOOD OL' BOY and THE HOMECOMING QUEEN - whose lives become entangled after the airing of a tabloid news program.
It's 1995; cellphones, email and i-chat have yet to change the channels of communication. A tall Southern tale involving a doppelganger, 'roidrage, remembrances of things past, murder and beauty pageants. POSE DOWN's twisted journey begins with a MacGuffin about a Killer Bodybuilder Brian Deck and slowly shifts into a story about his high school sweetheart, MARLENA GATE, who returns to her hometown to buryboth her estranged mother and her past. POSE DOWN – one element of a bodybuilding competition where all the competitors face off against one another simultaneously - becomes a metaphor for the characters living and working in a small Southwest Florida town, particularly for our main protagonist, Marlena, who must literally "pose down" her pastin order to look to a better future.
POSE DOWN continues along a similar thematic journey with writer/director ERIKA YEOMANS' other short films and videos (Paging Miraculous). Ms. Yeomans creates a world that is both familiar and foreign - constantly shifting between humor and pathos.
The soundtrack for POSE DOWN blends alt-rock indie artists of the 80'sand 90's (Maria McKee, Beggar Weeds and Charlie Pickett) with alt-rock indie artists of today (Earl Greyhound, Smog, Six Organs of Admittance and Corn Mo) to create a rocking tapestry of music that further underscores the film's thought-provoking imagery.
Over the years, Ms. Yeomans has created an extensive body of work in theater, mixed media and film. As the co-founder and artistic director of the performance company Doorika, she collaborated with various artists (Casey Spooner of Fischer Spooner, Jon Langford of The Mekons and award-winning experimental filmmaker Ken Kobland of the Wooster Group) to create multimedia and theater projects in Chicago and New York. Since 1999, Yeomans has focused primarily on filmmaking. Her videos and films have won grants and screened at film festivals and art institutions around the world, including: London's ICA, Lincoln Center's New York Video Festival at the Walter Reade Theater, Los Angeles' Disney Hall/REDCAT Theater, Berlin's Transmediale, Silver Lake Film Festival, Amsterdam's Stedelijk Museum, Cinematek at the Danish Film Institute and New York's Anthology Film Archives. In January 2007, New York City's THE TANK programmed an evening of herfilms and her newest art video PAGING DR. FREUD (16_mins, 2007) ispart of the official selection of the 20th Annual Dallas VideoFestival 2007.

POSE DOWN was shot in 22 days on Super 16 mm in the spring of 2006.An ultra low budget production, POSE DOWN is Ms. Yeomans feature film directorial debut and was produced by AARON S. LEVINE.
The production garnered tremendous business and community support from the city of Fort Myers, Florida and its residents. The production had the full office, the Lee County School District and the Lee County Sheriff's Department, who even allowed the production to cast real deputies asthe police officers in the film. The project was awarded a pre-production grant from New York State Council on the Arts.
POSEDOWN was photographed by award-winning cinematographer BENJAMIN KASULKE (Walking to Werner, Guy Maddin's Brand Upon the Brain, 2006 Slamdance Kodak Vision Award Winner) and edited by SANDRA MONTIEL (MTV's Laguna Beach, The Martha Stewart Story, Punch Drunk Love).
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