Sunday, October 09, 2005

Interview with Filmmaker Ricky Reidling

FS: What has led you to pursue a career in the entertainment business?

RR: I started at a very young age doing theatre back in Georgia and realized then that I wanted to be in the entertainment industry.

FS: You write, act, produce, and direct. Where does your true passion lie?

RR: Love to be behind the camera and in front as well. Acting has always been my passion but writing/directing/producing and playing a lead in something I created has opened up so many doors for me.

FS: What has been the most frustrating thing you have had to deal with in your entertainment career?

RR: Waiting for so many years to finally get to the entertainment mecca of the world. I grew up in a small town where there was basically nothing entertainment wise.

FS: When it comes to your career, is it all or nothing for you? Or do you have a Plan B?

RR: You should always have a plan B, but I also do not want to wake up one morning and regret that I didn’t give it my best shot. So I will always continue on!

FS: We have to hear more about your latest project, "Boystown." First share with us the premise of this new episodic.

RR: Boystown is a modern gay drama about friendship, sex and relationships. Seven men living seven very different lives. Its cross between a gay Desperate Housewives and Sex and the City the men are always finding themselves into situations they can’t get out of. You can see our website where we have the trailer, merchandise and purchase the DVD at

You may view the trailer here, Boystown Trailer

FS: When did the idea of writing this show originate for you? At that time did you have any idea that you would also Act, Direct, and Produce it all yourself? How difficult is it for you to wear that many hats?

RR: First thing I had ever wrote was a slapstick comedy bit that I thought would be great for comedy central but then I thought of the large gay community out there and there was a need for more film etc, so I changed my entire frame of mind and went for something different. I originally had another director in the beginning. Needless to say he didn’t work out. So everything kind of just ended up in my lap. I hope I never have to wear so many hats again. Endless nights of no sleep, consuming all of my time every day and still does! The most difficult task I have ever had to do, trying to do so many things alone. I know now, never go at it alone.

FS: How much time have you put into pre-production, casting, production, and post-production?

RR: The biggest ordeal was post-production. Thank god for fantastic editor Denise Howard. She was amazing and easy to work with. Editing will make or break a film, be very particular in choosing. Casting was great, received over a thousand headshots and narrowed it down to about 150 and held auditions in Hollywood, we had a great time. Believe it or not a lot of time in pre-production. Always look toward your friends for locations etc and who they might know.

FS: What is the latest with your show? How many episodes are complete? Has it gained distribution?

RR: The latest is I have rolled out the show myself on DVD, still working on getting distribution (we are getting there), looking at doing a series on DVD. Hopefully maybe one day will be aired on a cable network. Just the first episode completed so far.

FS: Does this show represent the best work you have put forth thus far in your career?

RR: Definitely, at least from what I have seen. I’m very proud of Boystown

FS: We here at Film Synergy would like to congratulate you on your accomplishment of writing, acting, directing and producing your own show. We know how hard that feat can be and how much energy it takes to pull it off. What advice would you give to anyone looking to fill those same shoes with an idea they have?

RR: If you want to do something in this city you have to do it yourself. Never give up, but never go at it alone. Make sure you have a job to survive, if not you will starve. I almost did.

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