Friday, October 14, 2005

”Colorado Writer/Filmmaker Targeted for LA TV Show”

Centennial, CO - October 14, 2005 – Colorado Writer/Filmmaker Don Vasicek (Faces, Warriors of Virtue, Born To Win, Haunted World, The Sand Creek Massacre) has been invited to appear on The Gigi, Inc. Show, an entertainment, film, music and talk show reaching more than 100,000 households throughout Greater Los Angeles via Comcast/Time Warner Channels 24 and 35. Vasicek will travel to Los Angeles on November 29 to tape his appearance which will be aired two weeks later. He will give an interview about his current film project, The Sand Creek Massacre. His award-winning trailer and documentary short, The Sand Creek Massacre, will be aired along with the interview.

Ms. Iam, Producer, Talk Show Host, Singer and Actress (Random Hearts, Boomerang, The Insider, The Thomas Crown Affair, Best Man, Gloria, The Cosby Show, Law & Order, Exiled and New York Undercover), is committed to advancing multi-cultural identity via education through entertainment. Ms. Iam is also committed to bringing a message of love, peace, hope and truth. She says, “We’re doing great things, working with great people."

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