Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Update on Filmmakers Alex Ferrari and Jorge Rodriguez

Here are excerpts from a press release just received from "Broken" filmmakers Alex Ferrari and Jorge Rodriguez.

"HOLY CRAP!!!! We just got back from the Toronto Film Festival promoting
BROKEN. While we were there we ran into the legendary film critic Roger
Ebert from the Chicago Suntimes & Ebert & Roper fame. Mr. Ebert is
possibly the most powerful and influential film critic in the USA. We
spoke for a few minutes, he then asked us if he could take our picture
for his website and of course being the media whores we are, we agreed.
He told us that he NEVER reviews short films, let alone an indie short
that does not have major distribution.

Well, credit must go to Jorge. he continued to talk to him about our
project and Mr. Ebert finally agreed to accept a copy of BROKEN on DVD.
Not only did he keep true to his word but he watched BROKEN when he got
back to the hotel that night and wrote a POSITIVE REVIEW for it on his
website! (we are still trying to revive Jorge ; )"

To read the review click here and scroll down, Roger Ebert Broken Review

Also, are we close to BROKEN, The Feature Film?

"We went up to The Toronto Film Festival to speak to a very interested
production company about making BROKEN into a feature film. They are
very excited about the project and we are blessed and excited to be
working with them on it. I can't say who it is we are working with just
yet. (Sorry, legal stuff ; ) but we are on the path to making BROKEN
into a feature film. Wish us luck and we will see where this path takes
us. ; )"


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