Monday, September 05, 2005

Cast and Crew Call

We are currently casting and holding auditions this coming Sunday, September 11th for the upcoming horror film, "It Crawls"! Please send us
via snail mail your headshot & resume.

We are slated to shoot the film in January 2006! Must be available in January. Also, this movie is about worms. So if you have a fear or a phoebia of bugs, please do not respond. We will have tons of fake ones of course, but there will be REAL creepy crawlers on set! Please be aware of this before appyling.

Please DO NOT email us a headshot and resume as we don't cast or call people in thru email. You must submit your headshot thru REAL mail ONLY! I like to have a picture of you when you walk into the audition and if you are cast, we need a headshot for publicity. So please, real photos only. No online submissions or websites to see more.

Below is the following breakdown of characters:

PROFF. PHILLIP DAVIDSON: 40's to 50's, Caucasian, tall, a scientist. Very devoted to his work. He becomes a monster when he creates his ultimate experiment! Very strong, intense role. LEAD

TOM: 50's, Caucasian, quiet man. Works with Phil in the Lab. Under 5.

MARCUS: 20's, African American, fit, bald, laid back, tough exterior with a warm heart. Hero in the end. LEAD

BRANDI: 20's, African American, Marcus's girlfriend, long hair, pretty, smart. LEAD

JOSH: 20's, Caucasian, Tall, thin, tries to keep everyone together. Knows what's going on but doesn't want to scare the rest of them. LEAD

TRISH: 20's, Caucasian, Josh's girlfriend, pretty, blonde to light brown hair. Goes off the deep end mentally when everyone starts dying. Must be strong actor. LEAD

BRIAN: 20,s Caucasian, short, just wants to party and drink. He is dating Veronica. He actually wants to be with Trish. LEAD

VERONICA: 20's, Caucasian, dark hair, she's with Brian. A bitch. Very mouthy. The guys don't lke her. Even Brian doesn't like her. LEAD

Please send your headshot and Resumes ASAP! Auditions are being held this coming weekend on Sunday, September 11th. Must recieve headshot before then.

Please send to:

Silver Moon Productions
8205 Santa Monica Blvd. #1-453
West Hollywood, CA 90046
(310) 238-2067 office

Looking forward to reviewing your headshots and resumes!


PLEASE NOTE: This is a NON-UNION film!!!! So please, NON-UNION talent and or FINANCIAL CORE talent ONLY please submit!! Union talent will not be accepted!


Secondly, we are searching for CREW!!!! We need:

a CINEMATOGRAPHER: we are looking for a DP who owns a Canon XL-1 and a boom with a boom pole and a descent small light kit.

MAKE-UP ARTIST: to apply basic make-up on all talent daily on set and to be there the WHOLE time while filming for touch up, etc.

GRIPS: to help assist the DP.

PA's: we are looking for several PA's to help put on set.

SPECIAL EFFECTS MAKE-UP ARTIST: We need someone to apply the the effects make-up on the gore days and someone who knows how to build giant creatures.

CATERING: We are in need of a reasonable craft service person to bring in lunch and diner.

STILL PHOTOGRAPHER: we need someone to be on set daily for stills.

Please respond to us asap as we are holding casting on September 11th and meetings with the various crew people. So please get in touch with me asap!

This is an 8 day shoot so you must be available all 8 days in January. Not sure of the shooting dates just yet but we know for sure its 8 days.

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