Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Interview Series - Night Before the Wedding - Actor Christopher Guckenberger

Actor Christpher Guckenberger on the set
of Night Before the Wedding

Tell us one thing about yourself that no one really knows?

I spent 3 years in a Military School.

How did you get your start in film?

I was living in Florida, still trying to figure some meaning in my life, and took an acting class to kill some time. Everything in my life about my future that was foggy became crystal clear, and I knew I could do nothing else for a career.

Have you worked with any celebrity actors or directors? Elaborate.

Any director that gives me an opportunity to work with him or her, is a celebrity in my eyes. As for celebrity actors, none currently, but worked with some who I believe will be celebrity’s before it's all said and done.

How did you get involved in “Night Before the Wedding”?

I know the director David Branin and we had talked about doing something for many years, and when he got some funding for a script he had written, he was gracious enough to bring me on board.

What is your role in this project?

I play Adam Finkle in the film, and to me Adam is everything but normal. A guy who is nice to a fault and tries everything and everywhere to fit in, the more he tries, the more distant from normalcy he goes.

What were your thoughts when you first read the script?

I personally thought that there was a lot going on with sub-plots, and a lot of truth that goes on before people get married. That doesn't mean it's always bad, but in a way, you have to come to reason with your past before being able to move forward with marriage.

What attracted you to working on this film?

First the obvious, the story, then the character, I love characters that are complex, that people can't quite figure out. I feel that in me, and I love to bring understanding to roles such as "The Finkle." Sorry, that’s just my little pet name for the character.

What was the most challenging thing you had to face with this project?

I love the character, and I felt compelled to make him and everything he represents come to life. Adam gets rejected quite a bit in the script. I didn’t want him to feel like a victim. I wanted to somehow get the audience to empathize with him and hope that he can turn his circumstances around.

Actor Daniel Sol looks on as Actor Christopher Guckenberger
prepares for his next scene.

What did you love most about being involved with this production?

Working with friends who I respect not only as actors and directors, but as people. Nobody knows exactly how far you will go in this business, so you really have to enjoy the moments that you get to create and be in the presence of people that make you shine.

Is this a film for women to see?

This is a film for women to see if they want to see the truth of what a guy may be thinking of doing or doing. It resonates the change of life from a kid to an adult to responsibility.

Will you share this film with your Mom?

No. My step-mom probably won't understand this or may even disagree with it. It will open up a whole can of worms that I do not want to deal with.

What does this film have that you will not find in a Big Studio release?

Truth, it is a simple story brought to life by characters interacting and growing with each other. Big Studio's are blessed with great opportunities for special effects, but at times I feel the audience is watching the special effects, and not the story.

What makes this a ‘must see’ movie?

It's a must see story for the reason it may change the way you think about the affects of growing up and friends around you, and of course, what really happens the night before the wedding.

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