Friday, June 13, 2008

Filmmaker David Branin to start production of sexy new film


Filmmaker David Branin to start production of sexy new film
Introduces Pre-Order DVD Initiative

Hollywood, CA (June 12th , 2008)—Everyone—male or female—has either experienced first-hand or heard a crazy bachelor party story. For men, it is one of the marks of being a man. And just as a woman grows up with that fantasy of exactly how their wedding will look, down to the most intimate of details, men do the same with their bachelor party. That is the backdrop for filmmaker David Branin’s upcoming feature film NIGHT BEFORE THE WEDDING. The film is scheduled to begin shooting this summer.

The idea for NIGHT BEFORE THE WEDDING was hatched when Branin was approached by a friend to shoot an HD short in one location in one day. With his mind turning, and also wanting to work with several actor friends, Branin put the pieces together and pitched a bachelor party story. But because of the size and scale of the idea it wasn’t feasible to shoot it in one day. Believing he had something special, Branin pressed on, and in three weeks manifested a first draft not for a short film, but a feature film.

The film while comedic by nature, ultimately deals with the serious, life-changing moral dilemmas even the most straight-laced of us must face during this night. Both the comedy and the drama of the film hit home with equal truth and weight. The movie will be one men can watch with a knowing eye and women can have a truthful, firsthand account of what really takes place at a bachelor party.

NIGHT BEFORE THE WEDDING will be distributed on the 2009 Film Festival Circuit, theatrically in Los Angeles, and on DVD. Audiences have the chance to get their name in the film’s credits through a pre-order initiative through the film’s website. A donation of $15 allows them to Pre-Order the DVD and simultaneously enhance the film’s budget. In return, their name will appear on the film’s credits and on the official website.
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