Monday, February 11, 2008

Fragments from Death Comes for Britney Spears! the musical

Fragments from Death Comes for Britney Spears! the musical
(HD video, 8 minutes, 2008)

Fragments from DEATH COMES FOR BRITNEY SPEARS! the musical

(NEW YORK, NY) - Ben Greenman and Erika Yeomans team up to create a dark parody on Britney Spears and the Industry of Gossip. New Yorker Magazine editor and author Ben Greenman originally wrote the celebrity musical Fragments from Death Comes for Britney Spears! the musical for media gossip website It sketched out her fragile personality, her need for attention, and the way in which the media conspires to drive her even further out of her mind. Later, after she got into more trouble, Mr. Greenman updated it for McSweeneys. In between the original and the update, the filmmaker and writer Erika Yeomans adapted the piece into a short film.

Additional Bios

Writer Ben Greenman is the author of several works of fiction, including Superbad, Superworse, and the forthcoming A Circle is a Balloon and Compass Both. He is an editor at New Yorker Magazine and also contributes to a number of publications, online and off, including, The New-York Ghost,,, and others.

Directed / Adapted by Erika Yeomans a filmmaker and writer whose films and videos: Chubby Buddy, In Search of Bas Jan's Miraculous, The Forgery, Paging Dr. Freud; work can be seen at galleries, museums and festivals in the US and Europe. Her feature directorial debut POSE DOWN (s16, 90 mins, 2007) is currently touring film festivals. More info on her can be found at or

Producer/Editor Christine Giorgio has worked with numerous artists and filmmakers as both an editor and producer. She worked with Teddy-award winning filmmaker Daniel Stedman as both editor and associate producer on his short film MOTHER (12min, 35mm, 2006). As a producer, Christine collaborated with documentary filmmaker Maria Yatskova on the filming of a live performance of Beethoven's Missa Solemnis. She also served as an additional editor on Yatskova's feature documentary MISS GULAG (62 min, 2007). In early 2007, Christine joined with artist and film director Erika Yeomans to found the Sag Harbor Lab, a fiscally sponsored endeavor for developing short film/video projects. Through the Lab, Christine produced THE BITTER END (16mm short film) and BOO (HD short), a film directed by Yeomans. Most recently, Christine produced the feature film written and directed by Marlene Rhein, THE BIG SHOT-CALLER (90min, HD, 2008).


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