Monday, December 10, 2007

Message from Dream Regime Productions

You can now purchase our award winning short film, "Shoot-Out" easily and securely via PayPal, Google Checkout, or your Credit Card. Thanks to our new trusted partner,

In our most recent review, Film Maniac Tony DeFrancisco had this to say,

"Shoot-Out" is just over at fifteen minutes, but that's just enough time to get the movie going. It moves at a steady pace and packs punches that your grand-mom can't even dodge. Even after "Shoot-Out" is over, you have to keep watching it. The directing angles are so fantastic that I thought I was watching a Spike Lee movie. David Branin, writer and director, creates a short-film that can be described as an amazing accomplishment to the Independent Cinema."

After you download to own, "Shoot-Out" please let us know what you think. Would love to have your thoughts. Here is the direct link.

Purchase "Shoot-Out" easily and securely through

What we love about is how seamless they make the process not only for us the filmmakers, but for you the consumer. Using Paypal, Google Checkout, or your Credit Card is quick, easy, and most importantly secure. After your purchase, you download the file and "Shoot-Out" is yours to watch over and over again. It's really that easy.

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