Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Update on Filmmaker Jamin Winans

"Spin" Fans,

"Spin" is finally available on DVD! You can finally see it on a screen larger than a credit card. Yes, I know what you're thinking, "What a perfect Christmas gift for everyone I know!" Well don't be shy. For just a limited time (several years) we have the "Spin" DVD available with amazing bonus features like:

- A pointless director commentary from writer/director Jamin Winans
- Less than impressive behind the scenes stills of the production
- Shameless plugs for our other films
- And the new extended and long awaited trailer for "11:59" (That's right, see it here first)

Wow, what does all this cost? For just one easy payment of $12.99 (US) plus shipping and handling "Spin" can be yours, just click below to order. ORDER HERE "Spin" will soon be on its way to your house, or friend's house, or enemy's house if you really don't like the movie.

Don't forget, "Spin" is also a great stocking stuffer as well as shelf decoration, coaster, door jam, paper weight, serving dish, and our favorite, wallpaper when you buy hundreds of copies.

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