Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Interview with Filmmaker Richard Gonzales

Film Synergy would like to thank Filmmaker Richard Gonzales for taking time out of his schedule in order to complete this interview. He is the award-winning director of the short film "Mystery Man," and a pioneer for Film Synergy by being our first interview. Let's get to it.

FS: When did you first know you wanted to pursue filmmaking? Tell us about your journey.

RG: I have always been a great fan of the Marx Bros, JerryLewis (underrated director), Hitchcock. I was 12 yrs old and went to see The Godfather, my life was never the same. I knew I wanted to do that, make movies. I went to a great high school we were able to make student films, we had speech class and we had play production. I did it all act, wrote and directed. I won 3 speech awards and a special drama award. I went on from there and tried to be an actor, several plays and day player roles later nothing much was happening. I had a opportunity to work behind the scenes on "Unsolved Mysteries." I was there for 4 years. I worked as an AD, a grip, electric, and sound. I was able to act in an episode as well. I then had an opportunity to work on several low budget movies as an AD. I worked my way from there to join the DGA. I am still a working DGA member, and AD while I keep trying to get other projects off the ground.

FS: Who are your film influences?

RG: The Marx Bros., Jerry Lewis, Chaplin, Hitchcock, so many others.

FS: Tell us about your film "Mystery Man" and the success it has had.

RG: MYSTERY MAN IS A BLACK AND WHITE SLAPSTICK SILENT KUNG FU ADVENTURE. I directed and it was written by my 2 kids ages 12 and 14. The film was given an award for the best family project made by a family at the Tulipanes Latino Art and Film Festival. It won some editing software. I never expected anything. That short and Capt Undergarments have been running on Mania Internet TV and on the Amazon Short Film Festival.

FS: When completing any film there are many challenges and obstacles that arise. What has been the biggest obstacle for you?

RG: Well for any independent project the biggest challenge is finding the money (the backing) to do whatever project you're doing. Once you have enough money, you can gather a great crew and forge ahead. There are so many festivals out there, unless you make a turkey your project will be seen.

FS: What should we look out from you in the future, any projects?

RG: I am working on a Mockumentry about punk rock, and a Twilight Zone kinda thing called "GUN"

FS: This site is going to be viewed by a lot of upcoming filmmakers. What advice would you give to them?

RG: Eat, sleep and drink it. Don't give up. Take risks do something different and your way with passion. If it's honest and heartfelt. That will transfer to the screen and people will respond.

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